Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stripes and Dots

Loft blouse, F21 blazer, pants, and earrings, Steve Madden clutch, Shoedazzle heels (here)

I feel like I am getting a little braver when it comes to mixing prints. I am definitely one of those girls who naturally pairs a solid color shirt with printed bottoms but I am trying to step outside of my comfort zone by mixing more prints together. It definitely gives me more options for outfits, and that is a good thing.

Sometimes writing a blog post can be difficult. Don't get me wrong, I love my blog. It's just that I'm sitting here trying to think about what I'm saying while my two boys are fighting. They are both at the age now where they irritate each other. I don't know how many times I have said, "Stop making your baby brother cry!" to my four year old. I've also gotten up a couple of times from my chair to pull them off of the curtains. And the four year old is now standing on the ledge of the window. 

Now when I really stop and think about it, yes, it is sometimes annoying when kids fight, whine, and cry. But at least my little boys are alive and healthy. You see, a week ago, my family lost a very special woman. My step-sister suffered her whole life from Epidermolysis Bullosa. It is a rare skin condition that causes open sores over the body. To someone who has never seen a person with EB, they may mistake them for a burn victim. They suffer from chronic on-going pain, they have to have their bandages changed daily, and often their fingers and toes end up fusing together.

I've watched my mom and her husband (her high school sweetheart) of three years take care of my step sister with nothing but love. Never once did I hear them complain. My mother grew to love her as one of her own and has been devastated by this loss.

Sometimes I struggle with what to share on my blog. Yes, it is a fashion blog, but behind the images is a real person who deals with issues just like the rest of the world. I think sometimes we get so used to seeing just pictures of people that we sort of forget that the person is actually real. I've struggled with whether or not to share this aspect of my life but then I realize how many people I connect with daily. Just by sharing this story with you, I have hopefully made you aware of something you may not have known before. If you want to learn more about EB, please click here