Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Probably Polka Dots

I'm a big fan of blogs that look professional, have great content, and have authors who are sweet. So you won't be surprised when I introduce you to Nicole from the blog Probably Polka Dots. I mean, just the name of the blog is cute! Why couldn't I have thought of that?!

Meet Nicole, a Southern girl (gotta love a fellow Southern blogger) living and working in Atlanta:

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"Hello Fashion and Beauty Finds readers! I'm Nicole and I blog over at Probably Polka Dots. My blog is an extension of my love for Southern fashion, food, books, and lifestyle. There you will find product reviews, wardrobe mood boards, and tons of other finds. I am an Atlanta native, and I adore living in a fantastic southern hub. (Find out a little more about my city here in the article I wrote for Poppy Magazine).

I started blogging a few years ago just as something fun to do. I've always loved writing, so I thought, why not start a blog? A few years later, it has turned into a place where I can explore fashion trends, fantastic recipes, and a DIY or two. I love connecting with other bloggers (like Amy!) and feeling like I know people just through the comments they leave or the things that I read about them. It's a great hobby with an even better support system."

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Ladies, not only is Nicole super cute and sweet,  she is THE master of putting together outfit sets. Not only does she seem to find pieces for her outfit sets that no other blogger uses (it's so hard to do!) she puts them together in a way that I only expect to see in magazines.

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If it wasn't enough that she has mastered the art of putting together an outfit (Nicole, become a stylist. Just saying), she adds DIYs to her list as well. Here is one that I am itching to try:

She MADE this pave link bracelet! No, really! It turned out so well and looks fabulous with all of her other jewelry. Find out how she made this bracelet here.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Nicole and that you will check out her blog. One thing I love about blogging is connecting with other women and being inspired by what they do.

Have a great day!