Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Your Look: Peter Pan Collar Done Two Ways

Your Look: Peter Pan Collar Done Two Ways
Nothing is new, as evidenced by the revival of the peter pan collar. It has been around for over a hundred years. You can read about its interesting history here.

 I decided to build two different looks around the same top and shorts. I really like a floppy hat and sandals. To me it reads 'vacation,' and after having a sick baby for the past few months (he catches a cold once every two weeks), I am ready for a break! Since the outfit is full of blush tones, throwing in a mint tote will help add some fun to the whole look.

The second look is revved up by adding a heel (see my previous post on sandals with heels here), jewel encrusted earrings and a sweet bracelet. The knucklebox clutch has enough rings on it so leave your cocktail rings at home.

Topshop sleeveless top
$68 -

Short shorts
$70 -

Chloé tote hand bag
£1,545 -

Clutch hand bag
$2,075 -

Sydney Evan polka dot jewelry
£695 -

Oasis tiger eye jewelry
$19 -

Helen Kaminski raffia hat
$266 -

Sambag see through shades
125 AUD -

Maria Zabel jewelry - boho glam

Some girlz crave shoes or bags, but for me jewelry is THE thing. I LOVE jewelry. No matter, who you are or how old jewelry is for everyone. And there are so many different brands and designs out there. I love these boho glam jewelry by Maria Zabel. The feminine rings are so lovely. Stack them together for a boho style or wear one or two for a classic feminine look. Do you love too? Go to MariaZabel to see more.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Zig Zags!

Zig Zags!
Zig zag prints are popping up everywhere, even on umbrellas. I am loving the idea of a zig zag print on sunglasses. You can transform a basic outfit with a bright zig zag patterned shade.

If you want to add a little visual interest to your outfit, this print is the way to go. If zig zags just aren't your thing, then try its sister, the horizontal stripe. I did a post on stripes not too long ago. Check it out and see which one you like best!

Zoompy Zig Zag Shorts
$32 -

Long shorts
$30 -

Dorothy Perkins yellow gold jewelry
$15 -

Zigzag jewelry

Plastic sunglasses
$10 -

Topshop umbrella
$30 -

Zara TRF lookbook March 2012 - fave looks

I just LOVE Zara. Each time I go to London I visit all Zara stores I come across:) These items are from the TRF-line and will be in stores and online in March. I am getting the pink boucle jacket, when it arrives. I love boucle jackets - they dress up any outfit. The tie dye jeans are also cute. They are in already. Which is your favorite item or look?

Arabic name ring and necklace

I found this over at The Blonde Salad, which is one of my favorite blogs. Chiara has amazing style! Well, I love this Arabic name ring and necklace. Do any of you know anywhere to get something like this?

Monday, February 27, 2012

It's Electric!

I bought this bright yellow blouse and cropped black pants a few weeks ago at LOFT. The pants were on sale for $20 (hello!!!) so I couldn't pass them up. The only problem was that the 'cropped' portion of the pants hit at just the wrong length. I decided that I would just hem them with a blind hem. I have never done a blind hem before but I figured it couldn't be that hard. Well, after reading my sewing manual (several times), I still could not figure out what the instructions were telling me to do. So I did what I always do when I can't figure something out. I wing it. I think they turned out okay for my first attempt.

I just had to add these two shots of my little man.

Kourtney Kardashian in DASH, February 22, 2012

I love Kourtney's style. It's very different from Kim's, who's style I also love. However, Kourtney's style is more laid back. Kourtney in DASH Calabasas in an Elizabeth and James blazer, BCBG top, Seven for All Mankind jeans, Christian Louboutin shoes, Celine bag and a vintage necklace

Kim Kardashian out in LA , February 24, 2012 - in a bright pink blazer

I love this look. Wearing a bright piece with an all black outfit is just so cute. I love the color of Kim's blazer.  Would also look really cute with a nude outfit. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sandal Season - Heels - Part Three

I saved the stiletto sandal (my favorite) for the last segment in my series. These sandals pump up the girly factor simply by adding a tall heel. Try one on. You may find that it changes the way you feel and the way you walk. No, I am not talking about changing the way you walk by stumbling around (although that might occur if you don't have practice wearing a heel). I'm talking about the confidence that comes with knowing that you look good. THAT changes the way you walk! You can be sure that you will never feel frumpy when wearing one of these sandals. You can't help but look elegant and chic. Perhaps that is why sandals with heels are my favorite. As a busy mom of two, I like to be reassured that I still look good. No frumpy mama over here! Of course, pushing a baby around in a stroller wearing five inch heels is not exactly practical, but that has never stopped me!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Flat Sandals - Part Two of Three

Who says that flat sandals have to be boring? The very first sandal pictured (my favorite) is proof that flat sandals can pack as much punch as their heeled counterparts. Just add color and good design and you can be sure you will be comfortably chic.

Flat sandals are great for a picnic in the park. They are also great for chasing kids at the park. (Don't wear a four inch wedge to the park with a me). Flat sandals are also a great way to be stylish when you know you will be on your feet most of the day. I am headed to Vegas in April and you can bet (no pun intended) that I will hit the pavement on the strip in cute flats.

Which is your favorite?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Wedge Sandals - Part One in a Three Part Series

Here are a few of my favorite wedge sandals that I found while internet 'browsing.' Wedge sandals are great for afternoon lunch dates with your friends. They easily make an outfit chic while maintaining the comfort factor that many women crave.

Whether your taste is classic or trendy, my bet is that you will find a wedge sandal in this collection that you love. And if you think your feet aren't quite ready for sandal season, then do yourself a favor and read my last post. You will be ready in no time!

Stayed tuned for the next two segments in this series!

Chanel heaven

Isn't this just heaven - Chanel heaven. I would be happy to own wither one of these <3

new ebay find - resin statement necklace

Happy Friday everyone! I have a new ebay find to share with you guys. I bought this resin necklace on ebay for only $ 5.63 with free shipping. It's a lot like the House of Harlow resin necklace, but a lot cheaper. Go here to get it. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pumice Please!

Pumice Please!

Several years ago when I lived on my own, I had plenty of time to devote to pampering myself. I remember moisturizing and pushing back the cuticles on my fingers and toes every single night before bed. One day I told my boss about my nightly routine, and she marveled at the fact that I had time to devote to such a strict beauty regimen.

Several years (and two kids) later, I find that I no longer have the luxury of my nightly mani-pedis. I'm doing good to pumice my heels twice a week. Of course my fingers and toes never go without polish. (Please don't look past the polish as it is a bit scary).

If you have time, try this routine. Pumice your heels (or any other rough spots) while in the shower. When you get out, rub a liberal amount of body cream (more moisturizing than just a lotion) on your heels and then put on a pair of socks. If you do this daily, I promise you will see (and feel) a big difference!

Pumice Please! by amyshaughnessy on

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Your Look: Client Dinner

Keep it simple and chic for an important client dinner. This navy peplum dress is classic enough to look serious, yet current enough to be stylish. Keep the accessories minimal. Save your armful of bangles and rings for a date night!

Dress: ModCloth, $169.99
Earrings: Lord & Taylor, $700
Necklace: Topshop, $30
Clutch: Nina Mae, $100
Ring: Kendra Scott, $67.99 (regularly $75)
Pump: ASOS, $121.75

Kim Kardashian out in LA, February 21, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Leather and Lace

Warehouse blouse, Topshop pants
Leather and lace are both really big for spring. I decided to try both trends in the same look and realized that I like the idea of pairing a feminine lace blouse with edgy leather (in this case, leather-like) pants. The two seem to balance each other out. 

What are your thoughts on these two trends? (Or the two together?)

Kim Kardashian out shopping in LA, February 19, 2012

Kim out in LA the other day. She was wearing rings from her own jewelry collection Belle Noel, which I love.