Monday, May 13, 2013

Wild Prints and White

When it comes to wearing prints, I have been pretty safe. Typically I'll stick to polka dots or stripes and add color or mix the prints to make it a bit more exciting. As I look at other prints, I think about the best way to ease into wearing them. The easiest way (for me), would be to just add a white piece with them. I always find that if the outfit still seems too loud, a blazer helps to tone down the print just a little.

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Normally I tend to shy away from bold prints like the t-shirt above but when paired with simple white jeans and sandals, I think this is an easy look that anyone can wear. The statement necklace is definitely a new take on the statement necklaces that I have seen and adds a little edge to this look.

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The only thing wild about this outfit is the skirt. Every other piece is something that I think would be easy to wear with other pieces in your closet and they help tone done the wild print in the skirt.

After doing a little online 'browsing,' I think I may branch out a little and start adding some funkier prints to my wardrobe. I think it is a great way to add interest to your outfit.

What prints are your favorite? Are you a wild one or do you like to play it safe?

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