Saturday, April 21, 2012

Birthday wishes

Belle Noel wishbone collection       Ambre Babzoe bag
Clear acryllic boxes                Pernille Corydon rings
Selected femme blazer                 Chanel bag
Clean skin perfume          Marc by Marc Jacobs disc earrings
Zebra rug              Sam Edelman white sandals
Silver watch                Belle Noel hairchain
H&M giftcard                   Friis & company loafers
Camera                                   Sheets (Ilva)
Arabic name necklace and ring                               Tassels (Ilva)
White blazer                                          Zara scarf
                     Moroccan Wedding blanket          MAGASIN gift card        

My birthday is on May 4th and family and friends asked about a wishlist, so I decided to do it here on my blog with pics - in random order. I'm sure there are more wishes than these, but this is what I could think of right now:)